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Srizony Foundation, a national Socio-economic development organization, has been working in the field of livelihood, health, education, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, family planning, savings & credit, social forestation, fish culture, poultry & livestock, human rights & good governess, Community Radio Program and other development activities since 1985 with a view to socio-economic development and human rights establishment of the poverty-stricken underprivileged people. Srizony Foundation believes that human being are both subject and object of the development process as the people have enormous potentiality to change their distressed situation. Srizony Foundation maintains participatory and bottom up development approach in its activities.

Our Ongoing Programs


Srizony Microfinance has been considered as the most efficient model in the realm of global


Srizony Foundation for ensuring community people’s access to information particularly in relations to their livelihoods, health, education opportunities initiated a community radio, FM- 99.2 “Radio Jhinuk”


Srizony Microfinance has been considered as the most efficient model in the realm of global


Ensure the health service Srizony Foundation is working for the affected and deprived people who do not get standard medical facilities.


Srizony Foundation raises awareness on sanitation issues, which creates demand among the community for facilities such as hygienic latrines and associated hardware.


Srizony Foundation is one of the pioneer organizations in the area of Non formal Education in Bangladesh

Seeing that you have started only this year. I admire how for you have grown already many volunteers staff and already 10 listener group and child clubs. This will grow faster and I wish you courage and a lot of creativity to connect with the real concern of community.

“It’s my pleasure to write some things about community Radio Jhenuk. We visited Radio campus and we felt very comfort. We listened their produced Program and it was very well designed and very important social issues that was very important to change our target grows behavior and social norms.”

19 Jan

A Daylong Orientation of Second Chance Education Program

A Daylong Orientation/Training for Baseline surveyors and project Supervisors […]

14 Sep

Social Work Of Srizony Foundation Events with Honorable Founder

    Social activities of  Srizony Foundation Dr.M. Harun […]

14 Sep

Dengue Prevention Sexual Harassment and Cleaning Events

  Dengue prevention, sexual harassment and hygiene programs and […]

15 Sep

Financial assistance to the families burnt the fire

  Providing financial assistance to the families burnt in […]

15 Sep

Sports And Cultural Program

  Cultural and Sport activities include building reciprocal friendly […]

15 Sep

Protecting the youth from drug addiction

Our young generation is the potential future of Bangladesh. […]

15 Sep

Workshops of MJF

  Srizony Foundation in collaboration with Manusher Jonno Foundation […]

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